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    I'm stoked you're here. Thank you for your time. Here's the backstory...

    A lot of guys that make the cut in Special Operations have similar backgrounds. I'm no different. I was constantly in trouble growing up, getting suspended and after school detention was a regular occurrence for me, usually for fighting. Sometimes for cutting class and other nefarious activities. In high school, I was into hardcore/punk music and would go to shows in Baltimore and Washington DC. I graduated high school by the skin of my teeth, not because it was too hard, it just bored me to death. I decided to see if I could make it through BUD/S after graduation, and it worked out as I graduated first in my class. It's pretty crazy looking back on that transition. It was proof to me that once you find your calling and give it everything you have, things can turn out well.

    I spent 20 years in Special Operations, kicking doors in and deploying. I just don't talk about specifics in almost every case. My time spent there was incredible. I would say it was 90% awesome and 10% a total nightmare, like many careers out there that have high consequences. I sustained a couple brain injuries, broke a lot of bones and got the usual joint problems that guys get doing this kind of work. I spent time in two TBI specific facilities healing up and was discharged from the Navy in 2014. My first move was to head west and leave that shit behind!

    Iraq 30 seconds out

    I moved up to Sun Valley, Idaho to restart life. 

    My daughter and I arriving in Idaho

    That's me and my daughter entering Idaho.

    My first job was with Alpine Tree Service here in Sun Valley, running chainsaws, dragging logs and operating a 30-ton crane.

    It was awesome, hard work. My boss, Pat Rainey, was probably the best boss I've ever had. Shortly after that I worked for Violent Little Machine Shop for a few months, learning the ropes of e-commerce from the owner, Yanne.

    Then, in 2015 I started Thirty Seconds Out, commando inspired apparel. I started doing artwork, making stencils, painting canvases, making t-shirts and stickers. 

    30 Seconds Out Apparel

    I love this country, I just don't shove it down peoples' throats, as I think that has the opposite effect of how we want to communicate what America means and stands for. I try to represent the military and our country in the most respectful way I can. 

    Serving solely in Special Operations for 20 years gives you a unique outlook on life. Like many of you, we’ve been tried and tested. Those experiences cultivate a mindset that strips away rank and replaces it with appreciation for character and the ability to take effective and intelligent action. Past accomplishments aren’t today’s results, and waving yesterday’s flag doesn’t move us forward today. We know you can relate.

    What does move us forward is not giving up the pursuit of making a better life, despite the struggles of the past. In almost every case, those struggles made us stronger and forced us to grow. 

    Yesterday, it was exiting an aircraft in pitch black, endorphins kicking in and stepping off the ramp, going to war on a regular basis and living life at 1000mph. But today, it’s skiing trees on bluebird powder days in our hometown, moving iron around in the gym, running through the mountains, climbing rock and ice and training for goals I don't post about.

    Thirty Seconds Out Ski Patrol
    Avalanche control 30 seconds out

    The guy below, in the wing-suit, is Alex, my business partner. He was a long time teammate, great friend and business partner. Unfortunately, he passed away in June of 2018 during a wing suit BASE jump in the French Alps. 

    Alex Sonnenberg Teammate. Friend. Business Partner.

    Thanks for taking the time to read all that and learn a little about the brand I am building with an awesome team! Learn more about them HERE!